What is this?

Golddiggers is a short and simple print-and-play board game, created for BoardGameGeeks's May 2017 24-hour board game design competition, which was based around the topic "gold". The game is entirely free! Download the components and manual, print them, cut them out and get playing.

In Golddiggers, you play the role of a Digger; an unlady-like lady who wants to bag herself a rich guy; a Gold guy. In order to get your Gold, you have to try and impress them at a number of social events hosted by yourself and your competitors. Fail to impress the Golds, and your only option will be a big, fat Loser!

Download for free!

To play the game, you will need a few things:

Play online

If you have Tabletop Simulator, you can play on your computer using the Golddiggers TTS mod.

Hope you enjoy it

And if you don't; please let me know on twitter @toyls and I'll see what I can do to make it better!

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